Order and delivery of snack

  • Wheat flour dough
  • Minced veal
  • A tomato
  • Onion
  • Corn
  • Salsa sauce
  • Greenery

Weight: 370g

105 грн
  • Snack Mexican cuisine, which is made of corn tortilla chips with various additives

Aioli sauce

Weight: 70g/30g

79 грн
  • Sweet potato
  • Vegetable oil

Cheddar Sauce

Weight: 100g/30g

85 грн
  • Tempura Chicken Fillet

Aioli sauce

Weight: 150g/30g

99 грн
  • Chicken wings
  • Chili sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Spice

Weight: 280g

89 грн
  • Tempura mozzarella

Caesar Sauce

Weight: 130g/30g

79 грн
  • Beans
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Greenery


Weight: 180g/50g

55 грн
  • Onion rings deep-fried.

Aioli sauce

Weight: 130g/30g

69 грн
  • Rice paper
  • Minced veal and vegetables
  • Green onion
  • Sesame

Salsa sauce

Weight: 180g/30g

89 грн
  • Potato wedges, fried.

Cheddar Sauce

Weight: 200g/30g

68 грн
Delicious with snacks

Without these dishes can not do solemn feasts, friendly gatherings, watching movies and sports. These snacks are crispy, salty or spicy, but certainly hearty and necessarily delicious.

Everything for which we love this kind of treats, our chefs concentrated in this section of the menu. We serve:

  • vegetable;
  • meat;
  • cheese;
  • cold and hot snacks.

We picked up special sauces for each species to maximize the taste of delicacies.

Special preparation of snacks

Before you serve customers a ready-made dish, all of its ingredients undergo a thorough casting. Fresh meat from eco-friendly farms, local vegetables and greens, selected spices and spices, cheeses from small farms compete for the right to get to your tables. We choose only fresh and quality products, giving preference to local and European brands.

Our chefs create their own sauces recipes, which harmoniously complement the hot and cold appetizers, they are prepared by hand from freshly ground spices.

ATTENTION! We do not prepare semi-finished products for snacks for future use with the help of freezing. Thanks to this, the correct, juicy texture of the products is preserved.

Combo against hunger

By themselves snacks are good as an addition to drinks, but for a full-fledged hunger satisfaction, one portion is not enough. To eat food was balanced and useful, not just hearty, snacks can be supplemented with salads, first or main dishes.

In addition to burgers and hot dogs, ideal for beer, our customers are available snacks for all tastes:

  • lovers of spicy food can not resist the spicy wings of "Buffalo";
  • the cheesemakers will appreciate the combination of 3 types of cheese in crispy breading with a sweet, sour or brackish sauce to choose from;
  • fans of beer drinks can try Mexican corn chips or onion rings deep-fried;
  • useful fitness snack - grilled vegetables;
  • a universal dish, complementing any meat, fish, salad or soup, - potato slices in deep frying.

To arrange a holiday or create the right atmosphere, you do not have to go to a restaurant. For spiritual gatherings in the company of friends will need several types of dishes. Organize a great party or corporate can be in advance, making a menu with a list of treats. The Meet & Meat service offers special conditions for large orders.

Delivery of snacks in Kharkiv

You can choose drinks with snacks for them and order delivery within the city. Up to 2 hours will be required by our chefs to make an order, and couriers - to deliver it. You can pay for selected meals online during registration and cash on delivery.

In addition to delivery on the day of the order, we have postponed delivery. List the dishes and enter the date, time and place of delivery in the "Comments" field when you make the order.

All meals are prepared immediately before shipment to the client, and are transported in special cases keeping the temperature for hot feed so that you and your guests get a gastronomic pleasure from our dishes.

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We accept orders for delivery
daily from 10-00 to 21-30.

Sincerely, Meet & amp; Meat.