• Classic cake "Napoleon"

Weight: 170g

58 грн
  • Cake Red velvet - chocolate cake of dark red, bright red or reddish-brown color

Weight: 150g

78 грн
Delicious with desserts

We know how much you love sweets, so we present to you the long-awaited section of the menu - cakes and other delicacies. Our culinary specialists have chosen the most delicious desserts and favorite treats from all corners of the Earth, so that you can pamper yourself and your loved ones.

Dessert palette

According to scientists, bright meals improve the mood. Our masters of dessert affairs took into account this fact when making the menu and included in it an extravagant and memorable American cake - "Red Velvet". His magical biscuit cakes saturated red color greased snow-white cream with mascarpone.

Wet citrus cake features a bright smell and a pleasant texture, this dessert does not contain cream and will be liked by those who follow the figure.

Absolute hit of our delivery service by the number of orders - "Napoleon". Standard dessert with honey cakes, melting in the mouth. Such a treat will appeal to all guests, without exception, so "Napoleon" is the favorite of the festive menu.

Seductive berry cheesecake is made from cream cheese, whipped with farmer sour cream. And light berry notes give it the tenderness of a spring morning.

We introduced you to the basic composition of dessert dishes, but our confectioners promise not to stop and regularly give sweet tooth novelties.

Where to order tasty desserts in Kharkov

Of course, homemade meals prepared by loved ones will occupy the first lines of the top of your heart. But the treats created by the Meet & Meat confectioners are worthy of acquaintance, because:

  • desserts are created from eco-friendly farm products;
  • all factory ingredients are produced by European brands;
  • fresh baked cakes are baked daily.

A piece of dessert will turn the most ordinary work day in the office into a real holiday, and if you add a little wine, a wonderful company and a day off to treat, this combination will bring a great mood and hundreds of likes in Instagram. Our sweets are very photogenic.

Choose a dessert from the restaurant online, specify the number of servings, time and place of serving. Our couriers on the car will promptly deliver food to the address.

Make a sweet compliment to a pretty person, order the delivery of treats. Your attention will be appreciated.

Desserts at home and office with delivery

Sweets will decorate not only holidays, but also sad everyday life, it is worthwhile to make regular coffee breaks with dessert treats several times a week on the working schedule.

With our service, desserts and other dishes will be delivered within 2 hours. So, celebrating with colleagues a common victory, a new achievement or a birthday can be without painful preparation, preparation or purchase of products. Prepare the menu in advance or choose by the company, our delivery of desserts will promptly provide you with an office of treats. For corporate and regular customers there are tempting discounts.

Organize a home party and treat guests and loved ones with goodies as well, order the delivery of our pastry dishes and enjoy until the last bit!