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Tasty with desserts

Once we decided to make more useful and more delicious dishes of street food. So in Kharkov there was a fast-food restaurant Meet & Meat. And his crown was a burger menu.

Our culinary specialists developed the recipe for each sandwich, perfected it in accordance with the wishes of the customers, and as a result we achieved a balanced combination of taste characteristics and calorie content.

Burgers for every taste

In the menu there are sandwiches with juicy steaks of medium roast and chopped steaks from tender beef, dairy veal and chicken. Fans of street food'a can order classic burgers and original variations with the addition of different ingredients.

All meat products are purchased in eco-friendly farms and are prepared by our chefs immediately before assembling the dishes.

ATTENTION! We do not freeze the formed cutlets to speed up the cooking process. This allows you to preserve the juiciness of meat and a rich flavor.

Buns for sandwiches are baked daily according to our recipe in a small bakery. Our chefs prepare their own sauces on the basis of farm products and freshly ground spices and spices. In the preparation of cheese from the craft of cheese makers. And vegetables and salad greens are carefully selected in the local market. So in the big and juicy burgers only fresh ingredients get.

Order burger in Kharkov

You can have a snack with freshly prepared burger not only in our restaurant, but also in any place convenient for you. Especially for this we created the Meet & Meat delivery service so that you can eat your favorite sandwich at home, in the office and at school, and treat friends and colleagues.

Choose in the online menu of burgers a sandwich to taste and a satisfying addition to it: salad, snack or garnish. Make the delivery, and within 120 minutes your order will be cooked and delivered hot.

In addition to the classics we prepare:

  • sandwiches on the grill with delicious haze and barbecue sauce;
  • hearty morning sandwiches with omelet, bacon and ultra-thin potato straws;
  • Super-burger with brackish mozzarella, smoked ramzes and rich cheddar;
  • a delicate chicken sandwich "Caesar" with the same sauce and a grilled brisket.

Our customers are not only available American cuisine with its traditional ingredients, but also low-calorie sandwiches for adherents of healthy lifestyles and vegans. For those who adhere to a diet, cooks will prepare special sandwiches or vegetarian burgers.

Choose your burger a delicious couple, depending on the degree of hunger:

  • with easy starvation there will be enough juicy vegetable salad;
  • those who have an appetite will need a vegetable garnish in the form of baked potatoes or vegetables on the grill;
  • quench the brutal hunger in the strength of our nourishing soups and meat dishes.

Together tastier!

Delivery of burgers

Sometimes there is no time and no mood to cook, but our cooks will fix the situation. If guests are on the doorstep, order kings of parties - grilled burgers complete with bottled beer - and relax in the atmosphere of a barbecue in nature. Diversify the office menu will help sandwiches Beef, New York and Meet & Meat.

When there is a busy week, you should take care of snacks in advance. You can pay for orders in cash or by using the LiqPay service. Prepare a preliminary order for the delivery of lunches or dinners, and get your juicy burger at home or in the office in the hot. Our couriers work on cars equipped with thermal bags.

We constantly experiment with the composition of dishes and regularly supply the menu with novelties. Open new shades of tastes of street kitchen with service Meet & Meat!

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daily from 10-00 to 21-30.

Sincerely, Meet & amp; Meat.