Super cheese


  • Chopped beef steak
  • Salad leaf
  • Cheese ramzes
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pickled cucumber
  • Aioli sauce
  • Cheddar sauce
  • Onion Marmalade

Weight: 340g

Price: 157 грн

Connoisseurs of cheeses can not resist the novelty of our menu. Meet the cheese burger Super Cheese! Under his lavish bun, a real delicacy is hidden - a filling made of tender veal, fresh salad, salted cucumber and a combination of smoked cheese Ramses with a delicate nutty taste of Cheddar. A hearty mix is flavored with cheese sauce and ketchup and served hot.

Residents and guests of Kharkov can order a cheese burger online with delivery around the city.

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We accept orders for delivery
daily from 10-00 to 21-30.

Sincerely, Meet & amp; Meat.