Special offers

Do you want to pay for your order with bonuses and to get from 5 to 10% bonuses on your bonus account from each order amount? It's simple: register on the site and make an order through your Personal account.

The more you order, the higher cumulative bonus percentage you get:

  • eat at Meet & Meat only for 1500 UAH and get 5% bonus;
  • when you accumulate 3000 UAH on your personal account, the bonus will be 6%;
  • if the amount of orders exceed 5000 UAH, your bonus will be 7%;
  • those who have accumulated the amount of orders for 8000 UAH will get 8% bonus;
  • when your amount has reached 10000 UAH, we will give you 9% bonus.

And, finally, if the amount of orders exceeds 15,000 UAH, you will get the maximum 10% bonus!

Bonuses are attached
to your personal cabinet

1 bonus is equal to

1 hryvna

Bonuses are valid for

3 months

Bonuses can be paid

Up to 100% of the order

(drinks and promotional products
can not be paid with bonuses)

Bonuses are valid for 3 months — you can pay with them 100% of the order. To start collecting a cumulative bonuses, you need to register on the site and make orders using your Personal account — when calculating, 1 bonus is equal to 1 UAH. In the Personal account you can find out the number of bonuses and pay order, using them.

The important question: in which cases bonuses are not accrued?

  • when placing an order with the help of any intermediary sites, for example, ekipazh-service.com.ua or eda.ua;
  • for drinks in your order;
  • when placing a discount order (except for pick up and special offers on birthday occasion);
  • bonuses do not add up with corporate discounts;
  • when ordering Business Lunches.

More orders — more savings!