Burger as a masterpiece

There is an erroneous opinion that burgers are incompatible with wholesome food. At the word burger, many have associations with excess fat and carcinogens. It is possible that this judgment has become entrenched in the minds of consumers due to the fact that for owners of fast-food mills the main criterion is profit, not quality of products. Meet and Meat is strongly opposed to this approach! Here only the piece, elite goods are offered. Each burger is prepared here with the freshest products according to an individual recipe. And home and office delivery makes service in the company particularly comfortable.

Useful with enjoyable

Everything that is cooked by the hands of professionals always seems more delicious. In the company of Meet and Meat, cooking burgers brought to heights of skill. In each of them are guaranteed no semi-finished products. In addition, the basis of any recipe - delicious buns, fresh greens and well-done meat.

However, each option is exclusive.

So, in the company you can order the best burgers of Kharkov:

The unifying moment for all the Meet and Meat proposals was the degree of medium well.

Branded Sauce Collection

What makes Meet and Meat burgers so attractive? First of all, none of them have mayonnaise, which is rightly recognized as a real cholesterol bomb. Instead of mayonnaise masters of the company Meet and meat use a variety of sauces.

For example, cheese sauce is present in NEW YORK, BBQ BURGER, CHICKEN BURGER, and STEAK BURGER burgers. It is very delicate in taste and does not taste bitter. Cheddar sauce is in SUPER CHEESE, U.S BURGER, MELTED CHEESE BURGER. And in CHICKEN BURGER the famous Caesar is used.

Each burger recipe also includes ketchup sauce. But it does not dominate, but only emphasizes the soft creamy flavor of cheese sauces.

Meat accent

What kind of meatless burger? Fans of the company's talent have the opportunity to appreciate the delicious taste of minced beef steak. He is in almost every burger. True fans of this kind of culinary art order a MEET & MEAT burger. It has a double steak beef steak!

For those who prefer light meals, CHICKEN BURGER with chicken fillet is offered, as well as STEAK BURGER with the finest veal steak.

Fresh green notes

Each recipe is designed so that it is balanced in balance with meat and vegetables. Meet and Meat burgers always have lettuce and fresh tomato, marsh onions or onion marmalade.

The whole composition is crowned with different sorts of cheese: ramses, mozzarella, cheddar. They envelop all the ingredients in soft waves and make the overall taste range incredibly tasty.