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The Meet & Meat concept is very simple and is about making restaurant food affordable. Each resident of Kharkov has the opportunity to enjoy the taste of restaurant dishes at home. If you think why you should opt for our food delivery service, there are many reasons for this. For starters, you should know that we are not just another fast food restaurant.
Our food delivery service is primarily the taste of restaurant dishes. We offer really tasty, hearty and healthy dishes of restaurant level. The menu offers a huge selection of dishes: steaks, salads, soups, desserts, snacks, burgers, sandwiches and much more.
Meet & Meat is not just a restaurant food delivery service. This is a huge team of professionals, which works for all residents of the city of Kharkov. Developing the concept of the restaurant, special attention was paid not only to the dishes, but also to the staff. We have put together a real team of professionals, which later became a family. Our staff works every day so that once you try our dishes, you will love them forever.
Meet & Meat offers delicious restaurant-level dishes. The proposed menu will certainly appeal to true connoisseurs. You can taste restaurant dishes at home, at work, at a party, on vacation. Now, every resident of the city of Kharkov has the opportunity to taste delicious restaurant food. In our restaurant, food delivery is available at any time throughout the city. You can taste the prepared dishes, being in any corner of Kharkov. Meet & Meat guarantees quality. First of all, these are delicious dishes made from quality ingredients.
The coronavirus pandemic has led to the fact that not only freelancers and IT representatives now work at home, but also employees of many companies who managed to be transferred to a remote mode of operation. The realities of distance work are such that not everyone can meet the standard 8-hour work day, as well as combine work with caring for children and helping them learn.
Once quarantined, isolated from the outside world, many people choose such a popular service as food delivery. This is the easiest and easiest way to solve the problem of food at home, in the office or to surprise a loved one. So that the dishes are not disappointed with either quality, taste or price, you should carefully choose from which restaurant the food delivery service will bring you goodies.
The coronavirus epidemic has made adjustments to the lives of many people - someone works at vital facilities, and his employment has only increased, someone does his job remotely, combining with children’s studies and household chores, someone is resting from the works of the righteous on the couch at the tv. The only thing that unites all categories is the need to eat on their own and feed loved ones.
With the quarantine of the whole country, the issue of nutrition has become more than relevant. Someone drags large trunks from stores and stuffs the refrigerator with the necessary and unnecessary, someone buys all the buckwheat, someone believes that there is nothing to be afraid of and runs to the store three times a day for a bun and kefir. We will not discuss whose position is closer to sanity, we recall only that there is another way to take care of the needs of the body - food delivery. Our company for a reasonable price is ready to feed delicious food at a restaurant level to those who do not want to stand at the stove, and those who work - both at home and in the office.
There is not a single cuisine in the world in which several recipes of delicious sauces would not be present. They give the main dish a spicy taste and significantly diversify the feast. Moreover, experienced chefs know that the sauce “has no right” to taste brighter than the main course. Today, you can order food delivery to your home or office "in a set" with several sauces: spicy, spicy or creamy.