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There is an erroneous opinion that burgers are incompatible with wholesome food. At the word burger, many have associations with excess fat and carcinogens. It is possible that this judgment has become entrenched in the minds of consumers due to the fact that for owners of fast-food mills the main criterion is profit, not quality of products. Meet and Meat is strongly opposed to this approach! Here only the piece, elite goods are offered. Each burger is prepared here with the freshest products according to an individual recipe. And home and office delivery makes service in the company particularly comfortable.
It is convenient to take burgers with you to the office or on the road. They are nutritious, so they maintain their strength during a long working day. But their main advantage is that they are very tasty! A soft bun, well-done steak or cutlet combined with cheese and ketchup leave not only a feeling of satiety, but also give a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, even the adherents of strict diets return to the burgers again and again. No wonder among the fans of this dish so many celebrities.
The secret of the burger's popularity lies in the fact that in a short period of time it is able to satisfy the most cruel hunger. All ingredients are selected so that it can replace a full meal. At the same time, burgers contain the elusive charm of youth culture. There is something attractive in this: chat over a cup of coffee and eat a burger together...
There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what to eat for lunch: everyone has their own preferences. If you are interested in how to have lunch in different countries, we offer a small excursion into the world of lunches.
Modern statistics ascertains stricter requirements for employees. All because of the capitalist approach of the authorities: squeeze the last. That is why more than 7% of all employees refuse to eat at all and do not leave the workplace. They are content with small snacks - snacks, nuts, at best dry pies.
The last decade in the whole world is characterized by the rapid development of e-commerce or e-commerce segment. This includes any type of online business. Most recently, we could not even think that a plane ticket could be booked sitting in a chair, and it would also quickly turn out to buy goods in a branded boutique in France or the USA.
The basis of any diet is regular snacking between morning and evening meals, but it is difficult to keep a strict schedule in the working rhythm. The presence of a short break between meals helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels, helps to improve metabolism. Food delivery to the office will help to cope with hunger on time and not harm the diet, the main thing is to choose the right set of dishes.
What does an average office lunch look like? Sandwiches, buckwheat, vegetables and fruits, pastries. The alternation of homemade food and convenience store, street fast food and sweets satisfies hunger, but does not benefit the figure and health. The Meet & Meat team has figured out how to make office snacks varied, tasty and healthy. On weekdays, lunch delivery in the city.
It turns out that not only food habits have an impact on health, but also the size of the intervals between meals. The greater the difference between breakfast and dinner, the greater the damage to the digestive tract. Do not neglect the lunch break, eat a full meal.

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