Order and delivery of beverage

  • Berry compote

Volume: 0.5l

35 грн
  • Flavor with a unique and rich shades of corn syrup and caramel
  • Flavor with a unique and rich shades of cherry and almond

Volume: 0.355l

43 грн
  • Fritz-kola - classic taste of cola and caffeine
  • Kola-coffee - a combination of cola and a lot of coffee, caramel and vanilla
  • Orange - bright orange lemonade

Volume: 0.33l

58 грн
  • Soft drink with lemon and lime

Volume: 1l, 0.5l

28 грн
  • Mineral water

Volume: 0.5l

17 грн
  • Soft orange drink

Volume: 1l, 0.5l

28 грн
  • Non-alcoholic flavored drink containing caffeine

Volume: 1l, 0.5l, 0.33l

28 грн
  • Juice in assortment

Volume: 1l

39 грн
Delicious with beverages

To assess the fullness of the taste of food can be with a properly selected drink, which does not interrupt the sound of the dish, but helps to try it out. Choosing an assortment for the restaurant, we took into account not only this, but the taste and the benefits of different drinks. Still selected a few options, familiar from childhood - such that both adults and children will appreciate. In addition, all customers can order Meet & Meat brand drinks, created by our culinary specialists.

Originality of assortment of bar

In our bar menu were carbonated and non-carbonated and non-alcoholic drinks.

Non-alcoholic menu

As a healthy supplement to food for children and adherents of healthy living, we created our own line Meet & Meat, based on traditional recipes and natural fruits, vegetables, tea and spices:

  • fruit drinks;
  • lemonades;
  • karkade.

This series of drinks is updated by season, so that our guests and online customers could order something new.

For those who remember well the 90s of the last century, we have prepared a nostalgic greetings - cult American soda Dr.Pepper with classic and cherry flavor.

Fans of unusual recipes and rare brands will appreciate drinks originating from Northern Germany - Fritz Kola. These are caffeinated lemonades with different flavors from plant components:

  • classical cola with caffeine;
  • caramel-vanilla coke with caffeine;
  • melon lemonade;
  • low-calorie cola.

Also on the menu are sweet, mineral waters and juices:

  • with the taste of an orange;
  • lemon;
  • Pepsi;
  • mineral with or without gas;
  • fruit and vegetable juices.

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We accept orders for delivery
daily from 10-00 to 21-30.

Sincerely, Meet & amp; Meat.