About Meet & Meat

Meet & Meat service, as it should be for all exciting ideas, has begun with a meeting of friends. Our small company wondered once again where it is possible to eat delicious and satisfying in the native city, because there are a lot of establishments in Kharkov. But the old places had made us bored, and in search of new favorite places we faced a number of difficulties: at the advertised restaurants poor and expensive portions were served; in random establishments the food was not tasty.

Tired of searching for the perfect combination of taste, calories and price on the menu, we decided to create our own restaurant delivery service. Young guys, who appreciate hearty and delicious food, set to work.

Burgers were unanimously chosen as the main dish, and the long months of experiments with different ingredients have begun. Since delivery of fast food from other restaurants did not suit us, we have developed our own burger menu.

Meet & Meat — more than just delivery from a restaurant

We have worked hard on each menu item, bringing it to perfection, so that a useful vegetarian salad was delicious, and a juicy and fragrant burger — not just calorific, but nutritious. Particular attention is paid to the selection of components for dishes: we purchase fresh products and control all processes in the kitchen.

The entire staff, including cooks, works day by day so that once you taste, you would love our dishes, find your ideal set and discover new tastes. For this purpose we are expanding the assortment. The new dishes, popular for delivery from a restaurant, have been added to fast food:

  • steaks and meat dishes;
  • salads and first courses;
  • snacks and desserts.

Our customers can order delivery of fresh beer from Belgium, France, Ireland and Mexico, soda from the USA and taste our branded alcoholic cocktails, soft and hot drinks. Taste novelties, we will deliver them home, to the office, to the party — almost anywhere in the city.

The secrets of the taste of our burgers and hot dogs

The Burger menu and hot dogs are offered at any fast food restaurant, so we decided to change the concept and give the dishes juiciness and a unique taste. We have developed a recipe and have chosen a bakery, which supplies us with fresh and crispy buns, instead of frozen ones. Their taste does not violate the composition, but reveals it in full. The filling for burgers is made from farm meat, cheeses and vegetables. Sauces are prepared by our cooks. That's why each burger or hot dog differs in its original recognizable taste.

How did burgers become our thing?

There are 3 reasons for this choice:

  • The first reason is taste. Everyone loves burgers, and if some people say they do not, they simply have not found an optimal one. We decided to create craft burgers, changing the set of ingredients and buns, managing their taste and caloricity.
  • The second is satiety. We have achieved balanced portions that perfectly satisfy hunger. That was the task that led us into business.
  • The third is trend. All Europe was swept by the fashion for burgers, and Kharkov was not an exception. Food from a restaurant started giving the way to the popularity of street cooking. We picked up the baton and we are trying to grow constantly and improve the level of cooking mastery.

Delivery of your favorite food

The opportunity to order some favorite dishes while walking, working, chatting with friends and being with family allowed people to enjoy delicious food in a convenient place. That's why we have created the Meet & Meat delivery service. Order hot burgers and hot dogs, fresh salads, fragrant steaks, original desserts and craft drinks with delivery or take dishes away from our cafe!

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We accept orders for delivery
daily from 10-00 to 21-30.

Sincerely, Meet & amp; Meat.